The power of Zeus (gem)

Having an old laptop, I often stuck waiting my rails server or console or rake -T to load. Some of these commands can take more than 10 seconds for me. That’s unacceptable really considering that all I want to do is to lookup the routes that I just made, or a simple data check with rails console.

Then I stumbled upon zeus. This gem can give an old laptop like mine super power to load aforementioned commands in a second (maybe two). Using it is easy:
First install with gem install zeus.
Go to your rails application folder:
zeus start
Then open another tab, and choose one of these commands:

  • zeus console
  • zeus server
  • zeus test test/unit/widget_test.rb
  • zeus test spec/widget_spec.rb
  • zeus generate model omg
  • zeus rake -T
  • zeus runner omg.rb

It claims that any changes in config file even, can be seen by zeus. Scary power right? hehe. Alright then, that’s all for now.

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