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(Re)Start with Why – sharing my real reason writing again

It’s been a while and sadly I lost the old blog posts archive. But, now we are here in 2020! With corona lockdown and my ending of working on Airy but hopefully with better me. For example, in 2020 I have read Simon Sinek’s book that highlights the importance of Why in doing things. I also just remember the first hadith in Muslim: إِنَّمَا الْأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّةِ. Hopefully, by stating my why, I can be motivated enough to keep writing while still maintaining the quality of the post as well. So that’s why I’d like to (re)start this blog by sharing some of whys.

Why 1: To have an extra income

I am trying to be honest here :). Not really sure how exactly, but people say that writing can give you extra income. I realize its importance nowadays, and I can’t simply rely on living from monthly salary alone.

And to show that I am serious about this. I am going to start a whole category for learning to blog. The category is #writing. The reason I created a category because I have so little knowledge about writing a blog, optimizing it for SEO, and let alone monetizing. But every journey starts somewhere, and maybe the category can be used by others as well.

Why 2: To share my experience and learning

Teaching or writing it in a post is my attempt to strengthen my learning process. Hopefully, some of my experience can be useful for people. 🙂

For software development or software engineering, I am going to use the Software Engineering category. Oh, and I will also add some writing about my social side projects and my wife’s new gigs on Sociopreneur.

Well depend though, although they are mainly social sustainable projects, but if the topics is heavy on engineering or software development. Then I will use the other topic. hehe. This show how little I know about blogging. Long journey ahead!!

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