Resetting my Thinkpad X200′s battery

Few days ago, I am noticing an exclamation mark appeared beside my battery gauge. Initially I thought it was a virus, but I don’t remember going to any of those ‘website‘ that might cause such trouble.

Luckily, Lenovo is quite a popular laptop brand here in CMU, just like by Mac Book or Dell. So I consulted few people about this problem, and they basically suggest that I should buy a new battery or ask for replacement if it is still under warranty.

Unfortunately, I have just missed the one year period of battery warranty, and thus, ‘unless you have a receipt of purchase that says otherwise, we cannot replace your battery’ , a lenovo customer service has told me that. I am starting to considering my option to upgrade to bigger cells, but I think I am only using this laptop at home, or at school where I can easily find a power source.

My next option would be to reset my battery gauge. A friend of mine, who is our ‘IBM ambassador’, suggest that this problem could be solved by doing this process. I reckon, as a true ambassador, he would know about this stuff.

The process wizard clearly warn me about the duration of resetting. It didn’t say how long exactly though! I begin the process in the afternoon, despite the fact that I am going to have a Skype interview, in about five hours.

It’s 630 and the process hasn’t finished just yet, I am starting to get to panic mode because I am still at school and I can’t go home to prepare for my interview because the icon said not to unplug the power source. I wait… I wait till 7.15 when I finally decided to stop the resetting process in 98% of recharging state. I don’t know what will happen to my battery, but I think it’s now becoming even worse…

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