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I fail to mention that Koprol.com is a fast growing location-based social network site that has just joined Yahoo.


This afternoon, after resetting my laptop battery as suggested by an IBM ambassadorin our campus. I ran around to find an empty classroom in CMU. Fortunately, we have just finished our mini-exam last two weeks, so I managed to find nobody was using classroom 3.

I quickly setup my laptop, and exactly at 730pm, Fajar A B appeared online in my contact list in Skype and then he wrote me a message, “hi Fajar”. “hi”, I replied. And that’s it. silent for about 30 seconds. I mean what am I supposed to write in Skype chat window with your future boss to be.  Then he said it would be better to use video. “Puto!”. Now I have to find excuse of wearing only T-shirt and jackets. So, the Skype rangs, and after final effort of tidying up my hair, I clicked accept with video button while trying my best not to show my nervous.

I am a bit relieve when they are not so formal either. So we began our not-so formal ‘conversation’. They begin by introducing them selves, I was so lucky to be interviewed by the several executives but yet, it doesn’t feel too stiff either. Then they asked me about my education background, experiences, and achievements. One time Fajar asked me about ICPC, at this time, I made mental note to remove all acronyms from my resume. Then, Daniel sort of take lead in asking me questions, they were related to technical java questions, because I told them that’s my first programming language. I think I shouldn’t discuss the exact questions, but in general I think I was doing pretty good, with only few questions I replied with, “I am sorry I am a bit fuzzy about this particular concept”.

Oh, did I mention that the ‘conversation’ was held in mostly Bahasa Indonesia? Oh well, it is. The fact that we used Bahasa gives bring me some good and not so good things. The good thing is that I can speak fluently but the not so good thing is that I am very bad at speaking in a formal bahasa, and it turns out to be harder to ‘sell’ your self in bahasa.

After about 20 minutes or so, Daniel has to leave, and Fajar take back the control of the interview. He showed me a little bit the atmosphere of Koprol office, tell me about the working environment, what to expect ‘iff’ they decided to hire me. After explaining what’s the next process. I thank him for the opportunity, which remind me I should write a thank you email to him. Then we end our short ‘conversation’ tonight. Hopefully, I will hear some good news by one week or two.

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